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Open your mind to all forms of beauty” - Constance Spry

Natural Beauty is neither stagnant nor perfect. Rather, it is always in transition, in fragments of imperfection, amongst chaos and randomness.  
There is beauty in the transient as well as the decay.

Embracing the wide spectrum of nature’s expression, my flowers aim to reflect the organic essence and graceful lines of nature. 

I also like to experiment with a diverse array of vessels, techniques, blooms, twigs, and greenery—whether they're local or exotic, fresh or dried, ancient or modern.  Foliage from horticulturalists and small growers, which often boasts a wild, opulent beauty that commercial cultivation can't replicate, is frequently incorporated in my bouquets and arrangements.

Since 2018, Sarah’s Fleurs has been a place where I explore the art and beauty of flowers, plants and trees, combining my love for nature, photography, Colors, creativity and philosophy into flower compositions, conversations or memories for those who love it. 

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